Statistical Unit

The Statistical Unit

This Unit collects, processes, analyses and disseminates statistics from the Ministry of Public Security and the agencies that fall under it; namely the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Fire Service, the Guyana Prison Service, the Police Complaints Authority and Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU). The Statistical Unit produces reports that help to give an overall view of the Security Sector of Guyana as well as reports that focus on specific areas within the sector.

This Unit is also responsible for checking the quality of data that is collected at the various agencies which involves the reviewing the data to discover inconsistencies and other anomalies and performing data cleaning activities. This serves to eliminate as many errors as possible and thus ensuring that our results have greater credibility.

The Ministry of Public Security supports evidence based-decision making, and as such we understand the importance of data and its effect on research. For years the Ministry has provided data to many agencies, organisations and individuals for research purposes. The following is a form for persons requesting data from the Ministry of Public Security. It is to be completed and submitted to the Permanent Secretary’s Office for processing.